How we keep your account secure

Oceanicminers is committed to and devotes significant resources into protecting your online security and takes very seriously the importance of maintaining your personal information and investments securely at all times.

How we keep you safe

We use a broad range of physical and electronic controls. All account information passing between your computer and our systems is securely encrypted. Our systems are protected by firewalls which block unauthorised entry.

Account security features

Security features of your oceanicminers account include

  • Secure access to your account, and preventing unauthorised access
  • Time-out features
  • Additional security code for account changes
  • Secure online withdrawal

How you can keep your account safe

Don’t make it easy for fraudsters to get hold of your account details. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself safe from fraud.

What you can do

  • Never reveal your password
  • Keep your details up-to-date with us
  • Become familiar with types of fraud
  • Watch out for fake Oceanicminers emails. Our email addresses always end in @oceanicminers.com

How to report fraud

Email us at personalinvestors@oceanicminers.com

Type of Investment frauds

Keep your information safe from fraudsters. Familiarise yourself with the ways scammers try to access your information.

Fraudsters often try to mimic genuine companies. They will use logos, addresses, telephone numbers and the names of real company employees to make themselves seem legitimate. They may also use paper or online forms to try to capture your personal details for fraud.

Advance Fee Scam

An advance-fee scam normally involves the promise of a sum of money at a later date, in return for an upfront fee.

How it works

You could be contacted by letter, phone or e-mail by a person misrepresenting themselves as working for an established company, like Oceanicminers.

This person will then try to coax you into paying an up-front fee to enable the release of money to you, – usually an amount larger than the fraudulent advance fee.

In order to make their email/letter appear more genuine, the fraudsters may include graphics, official-sounding language and sometimes names similar to those of employees of the legitimate company that they are cloning.

In the case of asset management firms like oceanicminers, these scams can involve investments in or reclaiming lost investment assets including, Carbon Credits, Fine Wine, Art and other stock investments – to name a few.

Oceanicminers will neither make unsolicited contact with you via phone, letter or email, nor ask for up front or any other fees to recover money lost (to fraudsters).

What to do

If you have received contact from someone who claims to be representing Oceanicminers in these types of circumstances, please report at personalinvestors@oceanicminers.com

  • 111 6768 directly

Email fraud or 'Phishing'

How it works

You get an email from a person or company that looks genuine asking you to click a link for more information or to verify your details.

If you click on the link, typically this link downloads malicious software (malware) onto your device. This malware then lets fraudsters access any stored details.

What you should do

Make sure you update your device with anti-virus software and a good firewall. Never click on links in unsolicited emails from people or companies you don’t recognise. If you’re not sure, delete the email or block the sender.