Financial Markets Website Content and Operations

Investing.com is looking for someone in the earlier stages of their career, with an interest in the financial markets, experienced in creating and managing content in the online media arena to take care of and maintain our Hong Kong edition. We’re looking for someone with plenty of energy and a quick learner to manage the operations of this website and build on the existing community of users in Hong Kong.

Investing.com 現誠招一名繁體中文站運營助理加入全球運營團隊,我們希望你對金融市場充滿熱情,能夠與我們團隊共同發展。

What you’ll be doing:

Work closely with editorial team to translate simplified Chinese content for the Hong Kong site, and to edit and proofread content to improve accuracy and localization.


Responsible for basic site operations, including localization, site checks, comment moderation and user support.


Manage social media accounts, arranging daily content and analyse performance.


Sourcing and managing relationships with local partners and contributors to improve content coverage and quality.